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Public policy news and commentary on early learning from Washington State.

UW’s online early learning degree cheaper, but not better for graduates

This spring the University of Washington announced with great fanfare its newest bachelor’s degree program. Joining in the chorus of support for early learning, UW has developed an on-line degree in early childhood education. This will prepare “individuals to work … Continue reading

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It’s critical to pay for early learning

My daughter is really good with little kids. She can really get them to open up. She engages with them – about who they are, what they want to do, what they could do. These are some of the qualities … Continue reading

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Why K-12 superintendents want to spend money on preschool, and why you should too

By Paul Nyhan, from If you think only new parents and preschool teachers care about early education think again. A few weeks ago, a group of Washington state superintendents, principals, kindergarten teachers and parents called for bigger investments in … Continue reading

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How universal preschool is a boon to working mothers

It was only a few weeks ago that President Obama surprised nearly everyone by announcing a push for universal preschool in his State of the Union address and then traveling to Georgia, home of a successful preschool system, to talk … Continue reading

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Early learning for kids means big payoffs later in life

Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Laureate and a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, is an expert on human development. His work in economics, sociology, and psychology has given scientific weight to what many of us know to be anecdotally true … Continue reading

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Pre-K on the Range, part 5: Why can’t the rest of the country catch up to Oklahoma in early learning?

The case for universal pre-K ought to be closed. In Oklahoma, it is. Even as enthusiasm for the Tea Party has swept the state, the program has gained in popularity. Oklahomans on both sides of the aisle take pride in … Continue reading

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Pre-K on the Range, part 4: Proof, meet pudding: Oklahoma’s pre-K kids start nine months ahead of their peers

“I wanted my son to learn,” explains Maria Mauricio, who lives in the low-income Tulsa neighborhood of Kendall-Whittier. Her four-year-old son, Gabriel, attends pre-K through Educare, another local Head Start provider. A stay-at-home mom of five, Mauricio could have kept … Continue reading

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