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Tuition freeze small step in right direction

As the Washington legislative session wrapped up, our legislators finally took at least one important step in the right direction. Or rather, they stopped going in the wrong direction. It’s about time. Tuition and fees at the University of Washington … Continue reading

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Pay It Forward debt-free degree plan makes national debut as Oregon lawmakers tackle student debt crisis

Oregon has upped the ante with legislation that could reduce up-front payments for higher education tuition in that state to $0, in exchange for graduates paying a small percentage of their income back to a trust fund. Continue reading

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What it’s like for kids to grow up in Washington state: The good, the bad and the ugly

A new report rates the well-being of Washington’s kids as just above average. Here’s why. The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual Kids Count Data Book rates all 50 U.S. states on a multitude of factors, and uses them to calculate four … Continue reading

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A riddle: My price is going up, even though my cost is the same – what am I?

If you answered “college in Washington state” you are, sadly, correct. Take a look at this example: In 1990-91, Washington state (light gray) covered 80% of the total cost (purple line) to educate a student at the University of Washington. … Continue reading

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Shining light on higher ed accessibility

Sometimes it just makes sense to sit back, look around, and be thankful we live in the state of Washington. The Cascades and the Olympics frame the sky, the air is clear, cool and invigorating, and the days are long and … Continue reading

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Maybe it isn’t just the teachers in Finland…

Dr. Pasi Sahlberg, the esteemed Finnish educator, scholar and speaker who visited Seattle this past November to discuss the applicability of Finland’s education system to Washington state, recently proposed an interesting idea in a column for The Washington Post: what … Continue reading

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Another loophole for the wealthy? Estate tax technicality may result in millions lost from education budget

Washington’s estate tax, which applies to the sons and daughters of wealthy estate owners, provides dedicated funding for public schools and public higher education in Washington state, including tuition assistance. But a recent decision by the Washington Supreme Court has opened up … Continue reading

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