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Public policy news and commentary on tax policy and the Washington State budget.

Hog fuel or health care? WA state Senate considering 14 more more tax loopholes

The fourteen tax breaks proposed by the state Senate – despite a revenue shortfall and $1 billion funding deficit in K-12 education – beg the question: can we really afford this? Some loopholes have their place, but as the state … Continue reading

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New interactive state budget tool a boon for Washington’s citizens, journalists, students

With state legislators still at an impasse over Washington’s budget, we’re unveiling a new interactive research tool that allows citizens, journalists, and students to easily examine how public dollars are being spent, and assess the impact of this year’s budget … Continue reading

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Another loophole for the wealthy? Estate tax technicality may result in millions lost from education budget

Washington’s estate tax, which applies to the sons and daughters of wealthy estate owners, provides dedicated funding for public schools and public higher education in Washington state, including tuition assistance. But a recent decision by the Washington Supreme Court has opened up … Continue reading

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WA Senate keeps creating more tax loopholes

It’s the job of the Legislature to make sure our kids get a good education, open the doors to higher education, keep us safe at home and on our roads, and to maintain parks for our recreation, enjoyment, and quality … Continue reading

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10 companies in the Fortune 500 with lower income tax rates than the average American family

A new report from Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) illustrates how profitable Fortune 500 companies in a range of sectors of the U.S. economy have been remarkably successful in manipulating the tax system to avoid paying even a dime of … Continue reading

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Washington state Senate drop budget ax, leaves Family Leave and Paid Sick Days untouched

Today, Washington’s State Senate released a no-new taxes budget for the 2013-15 biennium. The Senate’s proposed budget does increase funding for education – at least in selected areas. But without any new funding, it does so at the expense of … Continue reading

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Governor’s budget proposal is a step in the right direction – but does not go far enough

Our state budget is one of the main ways elected leaders make decisions on our behalf about the future our children and our state will have. Will we continue to underfund education and overcrowd classrooms, or provide adequate resources so … Continue reading

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